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Right from the start, I knew that ITSG was a company that I wanted to work with. Initially, they helped us quickly resolve a serious network problem. Now they are helping us with a system-wide migration. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience, and the people at ITSG have both. I recommend them highly.

— Edward A. Prchlik, Director of Systems Management

Queens County District Attorney's Office

Managed Services

NetCare Infrastructure Management Services
The key to our relationship

Our network management platform gives us the information we need to effectively manage your system in real time. This means you don't wait for services. For more information on NetCare Infrastructure Management Services, click here.

NetCare Business Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

With a state-of-the-art disk-to-disk, backup solution with offsite storage and server virtualization capabilities, you know your data is secure. That's peace of mind. For more information on NetCare Business Disaster Recovery Services, click here.

NetCare Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus for your email system

Our zero-footprint solution means you need no hardware or software added to your system. You get the best anti-spam and anti-virus system available for much less money than comparable hardware and software solutions. For more information on NetCare Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus services, click here.

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